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A proud new owner, Mike originally started working for Westfield Feed in 1995, at the age of 15. For two years he rode his bike to work! He ended up working for Bob and Linda for over 20 years. He took a few breaks during that time to try other things but always found his way back home to Westfield Feed. Bob and Linda have become like family to Mike over time and he is excited to be taking the reins and carrying the store into the future. When he is not at work, he enjoys riding bikes and motorcycles,  fishing with his two sons and spending time with his lovely wife, Caitlin. 



David is one of the new owners of Easthampton and Westfield Feed. He has been the acting manager of Easthampton Feed since it became a sister store to Westfield Feed, in 2007. Dave has always loved working with plants, and before he came to the feed store business he spent several years farming and landscaping. He can be found most often at the Easthampton location, but you may also see him down in Westfield. Easthampton is his adopted hometown and he loves raising his family in this vibrant community, trail running on Mount Tom and meeting his neighbors down at the feed store. 


As Bob and Linda's daughter, Jenn grew up working at Westfield Feed. She went off to pursue other interests and opportunities for several years (including working as a veterinary technician), then came back to the feed store part time after she became a mom in 2009. She is very excited to be one of the new owners, and to carry on the family business.  Jenn is usually found in the office in Westfield, but you may see her behind the counter in either Westfield or Easthampton. When she is not at work, she likes to garden, hike and spend time with her family.


Bob was the original owner of Westfield and Easthampton Feed. He taught most of us everything we know! He has now sold the business and “retired” but he still checks in and offers his expertise. If you are lucky, you might see him in the mornings at Westfield Feed.


Jer originally started working at Westfield Feed in 1994, and worked alongside Mike and Jenn over on East Main Street for several years. In 2006 he left to pursue another opportunity but soon found he missed the store and all of our wonderful customers and came back to “the feed” in 2013. He’s mostly a Westfield guy, but our Easthampton customers are being charmed by him lately as well. When he’s not at work, he’s hanging out with his kids and girlfriend and quite possibly has a Treehouse beer in his hand.


Joe was born and raised in Westfield, and has been a part of Westfield Feed since the summer of 2012. He developed his love for animals as a young teen, helping save abandoned kittens at his mother’s cat rescue. He loves supporting local businesses and so feels that Westfield Feed is a perfect fit- and honestly we’d be lost without him! He is usually found at Westfield Feed, but helps out in Easthampton whenever he is needed.


Mikey joined our team in 2016 and has been working full time since the middle of 2020, while also studying graphic design. He has learned and grown so much since he started with us, and we are happy to have him as part of our team!  Mikey is primarily found at Westfield Feed but helps out in Easthampton on occasion as well. 

Tim 2

  Tim joined our team in Easthampton in the Spring of 2019. He is a former Easthampton business owner, and has deep roots in the community so he feels right at home here! He is also an avid gardener and a chicken owner and has a great knowledge base to share. We are so happy to have him on board!

Aaron 2

Aaron followed in his older siblings footsteps and joined the Westfield Feed team in November of 2017. He has gone being from a busy high school student and member of 4H (he raises dairy goats at his family farm down the street) to studying computer engineering at UMass, but he can still be found working at Westfield Feed on Sundays.


Jordan joined our team in the fall of 2019 after moving back to the area from Texas. He is currently studying at HCC when he is not working at the feed store. You can hear his southern drawl in both Westfield and Easthampton, depending on the day!


Jackson joined our team at the end of 2019 and can be found either behind the counter in Easthampton or out on the delivery circuit. He has worked at a handful of local farms and is very interested in sustainable farming practices. Does he look familiar? Perhaps you saw him in Johnny's seed catalog!